About Us

Car Blushh is a complete auto care Indian Start-up incepted with the sole motive of making daily driving a super hygienic and comfortable experience for the whole family.
Daily car cleaning is 99% unorganized sector, neglected for decades, which is primarily attended by local household help which is neither skilled nor equipped with proper equipment needed to do the job.
At Car Blushh we are providing our staff, a detailed car cleaning training, use of waterless cleaning solutions, with proper equipments and the right attitude required to perform premium car care services with customer delight as our prime responsibility. Car Blushh has a well-trained team that practices a superior level of personal hygiene and contributes in fighting the pandemic COVID19. Car Blushh follows strict personal hygiene protocols before and after every service delivery. We provide daily car cleaning services to our customers at the convenience of their home, office, or any other location which the customer wants. Our trained, experienced, talented and passionate professionals provide the car care services at the doorstep of the customers. Technology helps in identifying problems at the root and communicate our professionals to carry the necessary tools to complete the service.

Why Car Blushh?

A couple of months ago, we noticed cars were being washed with zero knowledge and incorrect materials, Local washers were just using a dirty rag and water. The same rag for the outside, the inside, the floor, on the wheel. There was no doubt in our mind that the car is an important part of the Indian household, for those who can afford one. The car is the most expensive asset after the house, leading us to question why the job of car cleaning was being treated as an ancillary job, allocated to the home cook or the building doorman. It was several months of further research that convinced us that India needed a new way to clean their cars.

Car Blushh is an app-based daily car cleaning service provider.
User can take monthly subscription through the app and get extra benefits.
User has to pay for the day he get his car cleaned.
The user gets updated pictures of the clean car on its app after the cleaner cleans it.
App Wallet allows the user to deposit and withdraw money anytime instantly.
The app allows user to set service dates as per their convenience.
The subscription plans provides user the regular aircheck of their car.
The app also gives advanced services like Stepney change and other car care services.
Car blushh is using advanced equipment and cleaning solutions to serve the best of the services.
Cleaners are police verified and are following strict personal hygiene protocols before and after every service delivery.